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New Born Hearing Loss

  • Approximately 6 of every 1,000 babies have a significant hearing problem at birth.
  • More then 4,000 babies are born with hearing loss each year.
  • Babies are not able to tell you they have hearing loss and the first year of life is critical to the development of normal speech and language.

An infant with normal hearing should be able to do the following

Around two months of age

  • Startles to loud sound
  • Quiets to familiar voices
  • Makes vowel sounds like “ohh”

Around four months of age

  • Looks for sound sources
  • Starts babbling
  • Makes squeals and chuckles

Around six months of age

  • Turns head toward loud sounds
  • Begin to imitate speech sound
  • Babbles sounds like “ba-ba”

Around nine months of age

  • Imitates speech sounds of others
  • Understands “no-no” or “bye-bye”
  • Turns head toward soft sounds

Around 12 months of age

  • Correctly uses “ma-ma” or “da-da”
  • Gives toy when asked
  • Responds to singing or music

Most states require newborn hearing screening tests.

If your infant has had a hearing screening and is unable to do some of the above examples (based on his or her age), schedule a follow-up appointment with an audiologist to have his or her hearing checked again. Hearing loss in infants is a hidden disability, and it is important to pay attention to their development and get their hearing tested.

If you think your infant may have a hearing loss, please call us at (859) 781-4900. You can schedule an appointment directly with one of our professionally trained Audiologists who are trained to evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage hearing loss.

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