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Patient Testimonials

Testimonial 1

“My daughter said on the way home after surgery “If I have to have surgery on anything else no matter what I want to go back there.  They were really nice.”  And I couldn’t agree more.  Thank you for a job well done.”

Testimonial 2

“This was the first surgery I ever had and your staff did an awesome job helping with the anxiety I had over the surgery.  I was made to feel comfortable from the time I walked into the center until I was sent home post-surgery.  I would definitely recommend the surgery center to anyone else.  Thank you.”

Testimonial 3

“Everyone was wonderful to my baby!  I know she’s 16, but she is my baby.  Everyone was kind and caring towards my daughter’s welfare.  I felt she received more personal attention and care at the surgical center versus a hospital.  All of us were very impressed by everyone’s kindness and professionalism.  God bless you all!  You are a great staff.”

Testimonial 4

“The nurses’ were great!  They had a great attitude towards us and each other.  They persistently asked each other if they could help out.  They were very eager to do a good job.”

Testimonial 5

“I was very pleased with how well my son’s surgery went.  From our initial office visit through discharge, everything went smoothly and quickly.  I have already recommended your center to several of my friends and co-workers.

We couldn’t even get an appointment at (hospital) until May 16th and my son’s surgery was complete on the 7th with you.  Thanks”

Testimonial 6

“I felt we were very supported and I had no worries when I left my little girl in their hands.  When it was time for (my child) to walk back with the nurse, the nurse put her arm around her and talked to her so sweet.  Everyone was wonderful.  Our Doctor had well informed us and answered all our questions before the date of surgery.  When we saw how relaxed he was and his smiling face the day of surgery, we had no more worries.  I tell everyone how wonderful this experience was.”

Testimonial 7

“Our Doctor, along with each and every staff member that came in contact with my daughter the day of her surgery, went above and beyond my expectations. I can’t thank them enough for the way they took care of her and made her at ease.  The nurse that took care of (my daughter) before her surgery even took care of me – I couldn’t hold it together once she was walked off to surgery and this nurse did everything she could to calm my nerves.  When people ask (my daughter) about her surgery, she often refers to the anesthesiologist that rubbed her head right before she dosed off.  Thank you so much for caring for my daughter as if she were your own.  I am truly grateful.”

Testimonial 8

“Our son had his tubes at (hospital) and it was nothing like the experience we had at the surgery center. We had a great experience. The staff was great.”

Testimonial 9

“Your staff and Center are wonderful and very professional.  Everything was well orchestrated and attended to.  The way you all do business is exemplary.  Keep up the great customer service!  I especially like talking to the surgeon, anesthesiologist and the circulating nurse prior to the surgery…it was very comforting.”

Testimonial 10

“Everyone was warm and caring. They all are great at what they do. I work in healthcare myself and can greatly appreciate when people talk slowly and calmly for Mother and Baby.  Keep up the great job!!  You will be highly recommended.”

Testimonial 11

“I would first like to thank everyone.  My son has had surgery at (hospital) before and compared to there it is exceptional. Everyone did a great job. My son was so much more at ease.  I would highly recommend your center to anyone!  Thank you again.  You guys do a great job with children. I wish every doctor’s office and staff was as good as yours. Your staff is awesome. Everyone deserves a big pat on the back.  I would definitely not go anywhere else for the kinds of procedures that were performed. You guys made my son feel so comfortable and not scared at all. You are the best.

P.S.  Our Doctor is great also.  I would recommend him to anyone.”

Testimonial 12

“Everyone was so kind and attentive to my son.  The nurse, who came to the waiting room initially to speak with us and then took us back, was especially nice and friendly.  I felt very comfortable that everyone was both confident and comfortable working with children which was my only initial concern about choosing the surgery center over (hospital).

All of the staff was very caring and willing to make sure that my son was comfortable and had everything that he needed.”

Testimonial 13

“Everything went better than I had imagined.  I was very nervous (my first child and all) and you all understood that and made us all very comfortable.  Thank you for your kindness.”

Testimonial 14

“Everybody at the center was very nice and courteous.  If I had to do this all over again (between the hospital and center) I would pick the center.  It seemed to be less time, everything was right there in one area.  All of the staff worked together so well, knew what they were doing and made me feel like I was a VIP.  I give the center a 10+.  Thanks for making it all so easy.”

Testimonial 15

“I would like to thank the entire staff at Head and Neck for the superb care I received while in the care of your center.  Rarely does anyone walk into a medical center and receive the prompt attention that your facility gave.  Any other establishment would have probably had me waiting for two hours after the scheduled operation time.  The courteous staff has really raised the bar for all other medical facilities to achieve.  Your bedside manner is the best I have ever experienced.  Thank you.”

Testimonial 16

“I would recommend this facility to anyone!  Our Doctor was so confident and knowledgeable.  I really felt safe in his hands.  Kim (his assistant) was very kind and helpful through the entire scheduling process.  She really helped me to feel comfortable with the center from the start.  My visit on the 9th began with a friendly check-in with the front desk.  I was so nervous and upset to go into the procedure but when I went back to the surgical care center it seemed much homier than a hospital.  Trudy really helped me feel at ease, helped me with a warm blanket and feel comfortable."

Testimonial 17

“It was very comforting to know you have staff members and doctors that really care about you and the one that you love.  Everyone who helped in taking care of our son was very courteous, professional and very knowledgeable.  We appreciate everything you did.

With many thanks to you and your staff."

Testimonial 18

“I was very pleased with the surgery center and staff members.  Everyone was pleasant and professional.  The facility was one of the cleanliest and well kept I have been in.  Thanks to everyone for their kindness and help.  A special thanks to Our Doctor for accepting me as a patient and doing such a wonder job.”

Testimonial 19

“When we went back after (son’s) procedure, one of the nurses was rocking him and feeding him his bottle.  I can’t tell you how reassuring that was to see that they would take the time to sit with him like that.”

Testimonial 20

“My husband and myself were hesitant and worried for (daughter) and this surgery.  However we were overwhelmed with the comfort and patience everyone showed us.  We couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.  Everyone had a smile and was very understanding of our concerns and worries.  We are so glad we put (daughter) in your hands.  She is happier and more confident already.  Our children are our life and we truly thank you for treating her as if she were your own.  Thank you so much for everything.  Keep up the good work!”

Testimonial 21

“Our Doctor was very nice.  I felt extremely comfortable with him doing my daughter’s surgery.  All the nurses and people at the desk were really kind.  Thanks for all the kindness and caring of your facility.”

Testimonial 22

“We would like to thank the whole staff in regards to (son’s) surgery.  Everyone there, especially the nurses, were very nice and made us feel comfortable through the whole process.  We appreciated the follow up call to see how (son) was doing.  It was a very nick touch and it is especially nice to not feel like a “number in the system.”

Testimonial 23

“I would have to say this was the best experience I have ever had with a surgery.  The staff and nurses were very exceptional and nice.  I would recommend this center to anyone.  Thanks so much guys for all the kindness.  You all were great.”

Testimonial 24

“I was nervous about my son having surgery so young but after we arrived the morning of his surgery, I was at ease.  This was a great alternative to a hospital.  We had a great experience and my son is doing well.”

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