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Dizziness / Vertigo

Dizziness is a word that is often used to describe two different feelings:

  • Lightheadedness is a feeling that you are about to faint or "pass out." Although you may feel dizzy, you do not feel as though you or your surroundings are moving. Lightheadedness often goes away or improves when you lie down. If lightheadedness gets worse, it can lead to a feeling of almost fainting or a fainting spell (syncope). You may sometimes feel nauseated or vomit when you are lightheaded.
  • Vertigo is a feeling that you or your surroundings are moving when there is no actual movement. You may feel as though you are off balance, spinning, whirling, falling, or tilting. When you have severe vertigo, you may feel very nauseated or vomit. You may have trouble walking or standing, and you may lose your balance and fall.
  • Dizziness has many possible causes, including inner ear disturbance, motion sickness and medication effects. Sometimes it's caused by an underlying health condition, such as poor circulation, infection or injury.
  • The way dizziness makes you feel and your triggers provide clues for possible causes. How long the dizziness lasts and any other symptoms you have also help pinpoint the cause. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you should make an appointment to get further evaluation:
    • Does your dizziness cause the room to spin or produce a sensation of motion?
    • When you feel dizzy, do you also feel faint or lightheaded?
    • Does your dizziness cause you to lose your balance?
    • Do you feel as if you are going to fall?
    • Are your symptoms accompanied by a ringing or fullness in your ears (tinnitus) or trouble hearing?
    • Does your vision blur?
    • Is your dizziness made worse by moving your head?

Dizziness is very serious and should be treated by a doctor.  An Otolaryngologist, the doctor who specializes in the ear, nose, and throat will help to diagnose why you have balance problems and can discuss treatment options.  Call us to get scheduled today.

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